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Before prescribing an SSRI for
Alzheimer’s-associated agitation,
consider referring patients to
join the S-CitAD study


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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a devastating disorder, robbing patients of their intellectual abilities leading to behaviors that severely limit the quality of life for patients and caregivers. One of the most common syndromes that we observe in these patients is agitation, which can be aggressive or nonaggressive. Agitation (in the context of AD) is defined by these behaviors—excessive motor activity (such as pacing and aimless wandering), verbal aggression (such as cursing, shouting, and yelling), and/or physical aggression (such as hitting, shoving, and slamming doors).

Johns Hopkins University is conducting the Escitalopram for Agitation in Alzheimer’s Disease (S-CitAD) clinical research study, in clinics across the United States and Canada, to determine if escitalopram can help people who have AD with agitation, along with providing those patients and their caregivers with psychosocial counselling to help them deal with practical problems and emotional consequences of AD.

This is a placebo-controlled, masked, 12-week randomized clinical trial sponsored by the

More than 20 sites across the US and Canada

NIA-sponsored, holistic approach

National Institute on Aging (NIA). The study will look at which patients improve on the study drug with counseling and which patients improve on counseling alone.

Your patients may be eligible for the S-CitAD clinical study if they:

If your patient enrolls in S-CitAD, we can assure you that he/she will remain your patient. While patients will see us for study-related evaluations, you will still manage their other conditions.
We also hope our trial reduces burden on both you, the clinician in dealing with the challenges of a patient with  agitation and Alzheimer’s.

Have significant agitation;
Have a study caregiver available to attend study visits;
Are willing to participate in a research study;
Are available for 3 months of study follow-up;
Are not involved in another clinical trial or study; and
Are able to be treated with escitalopram (there are simple restrictions on other medications patients may be taking prior to study entry as well).

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